about us

our story

We founded SERENE for men and women that seek to embrace a lifestyle reflective of serenity. Our vision is to empower all people around the world with diverse identities by sharing our message that is: see yourself as a work of art unique and incomparable. We believe that everyone should feel the vibration of serenity within the entirety of who they are, to be transpired within their surroundings no matter where the river takes them. 

Our mission was to create a diverse and serene universe expressive of limitless, bold and colourful spaces filled with serene vibes and sunshine highs. At the heart of our ethos we are not concerned with labels but that of our community, our SERENE tribe. It is about each individual transpiring a serene connection with self within all senses through our distinctively stylish and comfort bearing collections encouraging for all, positivity, self-love, summer daze and purple haze. 

Welcome to our SERENE universe.


lounge, comfort and style

Most often it is the simple things that we connect most deeply with and so we design and curate collections that enhance those simple yet essential elements of our lifestyle. Each piece commits to feels of total freedom and superior comfort, distinctively stylish and timeless in appearance, bound in the vibration of serenity, tattooed with our core ethics and values. - ‘to be comfortable, style need not be compromised'.


quality essentials

Each of our collections from our SERENE apparel to our SERENE essentials, has been conceived, nurtured and birthed with passion, purpose, care and consideration. We take so much pride in our products and our desire to give our customers unquestionable quality and superior comfort without any compromising. 


art and lifestyle

Art is at the heart of SERENE it is who we are and is found in every aspect of our SERENE universe which in other words translates to lifestyle. It is through the art of our collections, photography, music and words that allows us to connect purposefully with men and women around the globe spreading the truth that is to: see yourself as a work of art, unique and incomparable.


our ethics

As a brand we have a voice and a responsibility which we embrace wholeheartedly. It is paramount to us that we choose our suppliers carefully ensuring that each supplier adheres to ethical trading standards as we believe in equality and do not support anything less. We love our planet earth and all living things within so it is also paramount we do the best we can to help to protect it. We believe that we as a brand can do this through our zero plastics and eco packaging policy. We are committed to continuously finding new ways that we can contribute to the sustainability of our planet.


Founders James Olusegun and Krystle Olusegun

“We founded SERENE in 2019 with the passion to enhance comfortability, within the lives of men and women whilst curating distinctive styles and essentials which exude the essence of modern retro sophistication.

It is throughout those subconscious yet essential moments we endure day to day within our homes that we are most inspired by, as it is in those moments we yearn comfort the most, from the shower, to getting dressed, to relaxing in bath, to lounging on the sofa, to cooking a meal with friends, to working out, to dancing in front of a mirror, to preparing for an adventure across the oceans, the list goes on. 

With this passion paired with our love for art, in all its many forms, The SERENE universe was born. An honest, trusted place where people come to shop their serene and comfort bearing essentials to enhance their day to day lifestyle and with that we echo our message: self-love is the peace we make with who we are, see yourself as a work of art, unique and incomparable.”

James and Krystle x